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Exclusive Interview - Avicii [By HouseNu]

We’re really proud to give our readers an exclusive interview with Tim Berg aka Avicii. As you all now Avicii is one of the hottest names on the House & Electronic scene right now and have made a real big name of him the latest year. As a start of this interview we would like to thank Tim Berg’s manager Ash Pournouri, At Night Management and Tim Berg himself for taking their time to answer these questions. For more information visit www.atnight.se / www.avicii.com .

So Tim, tell us, how did it all start? And in what age did you start making music?
Well I've always been into music! Even though I myself never went to a music school, a lot of my friends did so I've always been surrounded by people who know music! Then I kinda got into playing guitar and around the same time I started listening to house music aswell, and then I heard about all these different programs and I decided to download one and give it a try! Got instantly hooked and have been producing ever since.

You’ve went from being an underground Dj to a world known, how do you actually feel about that?
I think it’s amazing that so many people actually listen to my music and show up at my gigs. That’s what captured me from the beginning; I’ve always wondered how it felt to be well-known and to have my own fan base. And it feels sick that everything happened so fast. I’m really grateful to have this opportunity and feeling very lucky to have my manager, I wouldn’t be half as far without him. The way he helped me to get started and always stood up to me, I could never repay him for that.

Can you tell us a little about your life before you started with music?
I started with music my senior year in high school so I haven’t been able to do anything else. The year after high school we’re spent to produce night and day with the attitude to give it a try. Spend a few years and see how it went, before I decided to start studying on college and that. So I didn’t have time to “do” anything and just wanted to take a stand to give it all for music or not.

How you can you describe your life Then compared to Now?
The latest months have faded so quick that I haven’t been able to melt it in any way, the only big difference from the beginning until now is that I’ve noticed how people enjoy my music more and more. And more work of course! But I think that the biggest difference is that I’m not able to be home as much as I was before. My own studio time decreases and the time I spend on gigs increases all the time.

Except all the positive with your career, is there anything negative with it all?
Without a doubt it’s all the traveling I have to do. Even dough I enjoy seeing the world and all, you quickly start to getting bored of all the airports, the flights and the hotel rooms. And you don’t have the time to actually see something special when you travel, and when you got the time, you’re tired because of the past night. It also sucks to be away from your family and friends that much. But to be honest I have to say that I wouldn’t change this for anything. I’m really grateful for my situation today and I’m really enjoying what I’m doing.

Thank you for your time and we’re looking forward to follow you in the future Tim.
With best regards, Oscar & Linus – HouseNu.


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  1. Awesome interview, thank you!

  2. Nice interview guys! / bleepbeats

  3. Tack! Hur går det med musiken?

  4. Det går bra! Vi jobbar på mixtape 2 och efter det prata med lokala krogen-ägare och kanske få ett gig :)


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