fredag 10 december 2010

Sign Your Name (Remix) [Neon Records]

Fabian Gray & Emanuele drops another remix of the Axwell-style tune 'Sign Your Name'. They have done a great job with a already massive track. Check it out! If you like it, go grab a copy at Beatport.

No Access [Diffused Music]

Go and buy it at Beatport.

onsdag 8 december 2010

Preview: Swede Dreams

Avicii - Swede Dreams (Original Mix)

Don't forget to check our latest interview with Avicii, you'll find it here.

måndag 6 december 2010

Pete Tong Essential Selection


Laidback Luke feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Timebomb
Basto! - Gregory's Theme
Afrojack - Replica
Daft Punk feat. N.E.R.D - Hypnotize U (Alex Metric Mix)
Spiritcatcher - No Way Out
Underworld - Bird 1
Chris Lake & Marco Lys - Running
Tom Flynn - Bianca


John Tejada - Sweat On The Walls (Donnacha Costello Remix)
Michael Woods - No Access
Pryda - Illusions


Layo & Bushwacka - What Do You Say Now


Nic Fanciulli & Stacey Pullen - Limo
Tiefschwarz - Whistler (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
Japanese Popstars - Song for Lisa (Tong & Rogers Mix)
Marc Rombay vs. Stephan Bodzin - Callisto (Joris Voorn Remix)
Shlomi Aber - Glooming
Bjoerke Banford - Superbacon


Psycatron - Clouds
Jet Project - U Know
Japanese Popstars - Song For Lisa
Deadmau5 feat. Greta Svabo Bech - Raise Your Weapon
Paper Crows - Stand Alight (Monsieur Adi Remix)
David Lynch - Good Day Today
Emalkay - Crusader


Leon - Cause I Love You
Paul Ritch - Spoke
Robert Babicz - Percofonik
Ross Evana - Junta
Pryda - ID

Headstrong [Toolroom Records]

Buy the EP at iTunes!

Hypotize U [Dirty South Remix]

Earlier in November we gave you guys a quick preview of N.E.R.D's song Hypnotize U remixed by Dirty South. This track is so sweet, just listen to melody and you understand for yourself. Support Dirty South at Beatport.

torsdag 2 december 2010

Dirty Laundry - Hate Me (Arno Cost Remix/Russ Chimes Rework)

This track is really good - With great mixtures of smooth sounds and some small-electro vibes this track keeps my feet bumping up and down. The track is made by Dirty Laundry and remixed by Arno Cost then re-edited by Russ Chimes. I'm not very educated when it comes to these boys and haven't heard anything good from them. But this one is really good actually!

onsdag 1 december 2010

måndag 29 november 2010

Exclusive Interview - Avicii [By HouseNu]

We’re really proud to give our readers an exclusive interview with Tim Berg aka Avicii. As you all now Avicii is one of the hottest names on the House & Electronic scene right now and have made a real big name of him the latest year. As a start of this interview we would like to thank Tim Berg’s manager Ash Pournouri, At Night Management and Tim Berg himself for taking their time to answer these questions. For more information visit / .

So Tim, tell us, how did it all start? And in what age did you start making music?
Well I've always been into music! Even though I myself never went to a music school, a lot of my friends did so I've always been surrounded by people who know music! Then I kinda got into playing guitar and around the same time I started listening to house music aswell, and then I heard about all these different programs and I decided to download one and give it a try! Got instantly hooked and have been producing ever since.

You’ve went from being an underground Dj to a world known, how do you actually feel about that?
I think it’s amazing that so many people actually listen to my music and show up at my gigs. That’s what captured me from the beginning; I’ve always wondered how it felt to be well-known and to have my own fan base. And it feels sick that everything happened so fast. I’m really grateful to have this opportunity and feeling very lucky to have my manager, I wouldn’t be half as far without him. The way he helped me to get started and always stood up to me, I could never repay him for that.

Can you tell us a little about your life before you started with music?
I started with music my senior year in high school so I haven’t been able to do anything else. The year after high school we’re spent to produce night and day with the attitude to give it a try. Spend a few years and see how it went, before I decided to start studying on college and that. So I didn’t have time to “do” anything and just wanted to take a stand to give it all for music or not.

How you can you describe your life Then compared to Now?
The latest months have faded so quick that I haven’t been able to melt it in any way, the only big difference from the beginning until now is that I’ve noticed how people enjoy my music more and more. And more work of course! But I think that the biggest difference is that I’m not able to be home as much as I was before. My own studio time decreases and the time I spend on gigs increases all the time.

Except all the positive with your career, is there anything negative with it all?
Without a doubt it’s all the traveling I have to do. Even dough I enjoy seeing the world and all, you quickly start to getting bored of all the airports, the flights and the hotel rooms. And you don’t have the time to actually see something special when you travel, and when you got the time, you’re tired because of the past night. It also sucks to be away from your family and friends that much. But to be honest I have to say that I wouldn’t change this for anything. I’m really grateful for my situation today and I’m really enjoying what I’m doing.

Thank you for your time and we’re looking forward to follow you in the future Tim.
With best regards, Oscar & Linus – HouseNu.


You Stopped Loving Me [Deconstruction]

Support the guys by purchasing these tracks at Beatport.

Everything Wonderful

Preview: Indestructible (A-Trak Radio Edit)

Robyn & Laidback Luke - Indestructible (A-Trak radio edit)

Preview: Noveau Yorican [Defected]

Laidback Luke and Gina Turner a.k.a 'Noveau Yorican' reveals a new track called Chiuso. Will be released at Defected records.

We will be back! + Deadmau5

We're sorry for the lack of updates recently. We're have had a lot to do, but we can promise you that we will be back. Better than ever. Within the next few days we will give you an interview with a huge Dj. Stay tuned!


Deadmau5 unleashes his fifth and final countdown single called 'Raise Your Weapon' for the upcoming album '4x4=12'. It's a track in the dubstep manor mixing it with a sweet vocal. It got released yesterday through Ultra Records. Go buy it at iTunes.

tisdag 23 november 2010

Obviously [Hysteria]

Great collaboration between Bingo Players and Carl Tricks called Obviously. Got released today through Hysteria Records, go buy it at Beatport.

måndag 22 november 2010

Sign Your Name [Across My Heart]

Neon Recordings is proud to have released Sign Your Name (Across My Heart) the 19'Th of November. Danny Freakazoid and Matt Caseli are the guys who has given this old and famous track rebirth. During the 80's Sign Your Name was created by Trent D'arby and has been a popular song ever since. The new version of the song has been around for a while. Axwell have played it a lot of times during his touring and the track has been one of the most played at SHM's masquerade motel in Pacha, Ibiza. Now we're talking about two remixes with Australian origin. Buy the tracks at Beatport.

Sensation White After movie [Copenhagen]

Official after movie from Sensation White Copenhagen featuring Eric Pryds, Chuckie and Joris Voorn

Never Give Up [Nero]



Bad Selection [mau5trap]

Deadmau5 - Bad Selection

Past Dreaming [Funk Farm]

Funk Agenda - Past Dreaming

Knas Episode [Dr Dre, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg]

Alright, I don't really know what Blender was thinking when he made this bootleg. I mean, the small effects and changes of the sound is quite good, like a little boost to the original massive banger by Steve Angello. But the vocals from The Next Episode by Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg is horrible. Imagen a Dj, for an example Dj Satomi's Castle In The Sky mixed with Special D's tracks. Man it's horrible, I wonder how Blender got this idea. The reason why i uploaded this song is because of one reason, what the fuck were you thinking?`

fredag 19 november 2010

Preview: Never Give Up (Remixes)

Pong Forever [Tristan Garner, Errol Reid, Norman Doray]

Here we got Wippenberg - Pong vs. Norman Doray & Tristan Garner - Last Forever. Vocals by the stunning Errol Reid who made the vocals to Nothing but Love by Axwell earlier this year. It's nice of DBN to give us this song for free. Support the boys at beatport.

Steve doing it hardcore

Here's the fight-scene from the upcoming documentary Take One. Steve is in a fight with Miamis biggest club owner and Steve's fighting for his records.

torsdag 18 november 2010

Feel The Love (Sebjak Remix) [Moda]

Sebjak is hot! New massive remix of Jus Jack's track, 'Feel The Love'. Will be released through Moda Records very soon. The release includes one remix by Sebjak and one remix by Swanky Tunes.

Music Sounds Better With You (Kid Massive Bootleg)

The outstandig bootleg of 'Music Sounds Better With You' made by Kid Massive. Kid Massive has decided to release this bootleg for free after reaching 4000 fans on his Facebook fanpage. Enjoy this bootleg and don't forget to follow Kid Massive at Facebook.

onsdag 17 november 2010

Hide U [Defected Records]

Support by purchasing the track at Beatport.

Move It 2 The Drum (Remixes)

Chuckie gives us two great remixes of Chuckie & Hardwell's track 'Move It 2 The Drum. One remix by the Italian duo Promise Land, who just a few days ago released a massive remix of Reder8 - 'Amazing'. This remix is already supported by Chuckie who played it live at Sensation White in Poland. The second remix is by the well known DJ Chris Kaeser. Support the guys by purchasing these tracks at Beatport.

Mutfakta [Dirty Dutch Records]

After a ten day delay, 'Mutfakta' by Gregori Klosman and Chuckie is released through Dirty Dutch Records. It was released with some other awesome tracks in a package called 'Chuckie presents Dirty Dutch - Volume 2'. Watch Chuckie playing Mutfakta live at Sensation White Copenhagen 2010 here.

Preview: I Feel [SuperSoniq]

Quintino gives us a preview of his upcoming track called 'I Feel'. It's a hard-hitting banger which got a lot of attention when Bassjackers made a remix of the original track. A great track for the club industry. Will be released on his own label called SuperSoniq on November 23rd, check it out!

Tarantella [George St. Kids Remix]

George Street Kids have made an awesome remix of Chicco Secci's track Tarantella. I didn't like the original track very much, it was a kind of boring track without any development through it all. But this one is actually really fresh and put you in a great mode. Together with some old instruments and a good bass. It gives you a feeling of summer and inspires me a little of Mexico. Anyway, listen to it yourself and decide. Support George at Beaport and visit his Myspace.

Kairo [Mutants Recordings]

Earlier this week we gave you all a preview of the upcoming track Kairo by John Dahlbäck. John have focused on a nation-inspired production the latest time and we all noticed it when he dropt Egypt earlier this month. Today He released Kairo through Mutants Recordings. Support John at Beatport

tisdag 16 november 2010

Vega [Oxygen Recording]

We haven't seen a lot of Mikael Weermets this year. He had some big productions in the beginning of 2010 but in the latest months the production have decreased. Finally he's back together with Audible and have made a pretty good track in my opinion. We're talking about Vega of course, here's the original track and the club mix. Vega were released today through Oxygen Recordings. Support the guys at Beatport.

Dream Come True [With Love Music]

Great preview of Abel Ramos new track called 'Dream Come True', feat. Erire. It's getting released on December 12th through his own label, With Love Music. The release includes a massive remix by Dj Chus & David Penn. Check it out!

Movie Trailer: Take One (Documentary)

We give you a short sneak-peak of the upcoming documentary about Swedish House Mafia, Take One. The whole documentary will be out on November 29th. This trailer shows us a more detailed story about what we can expect from the movie.

Asteroid [Revealed]

Hardwell & Franky Rizardo is up next to renew their own sound with a fresh progressive melody mixed with a great bassline. It got released yesterday trough Hardwell's own label Revealed Recordings. Go grab you copy at Beatport.
Download link is available in the commentary field.

Oh Happy News

Just like Kid Massive thinks - Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You is one of favorite disco-songs ever. And I think it's one of the best songs that ever been made. We've heard many remixes of this track and just like Kid Massive says, there's not been anything good. So I'm glad to spread the news that Kid Massive is working on his own bootleg for this song. I'm exited to see the result, watch the preview to hear for yourself. Release date is unknown.

By Kaskade, remixed by Kaskade

Kaskade has made a remix of his own favorite song "All That You Give". The song is from his latest album "Dynasty" which was released earlier this year. This track will give you a great melody and some sweet deep-house sounds. Not the best song by Kaskade but it's nice of him to give if for free. Support him at Beatport.

måndag 15 november 2010

Swede Harmony [disco:wax]

Dany Coast and Christina Skaar has made an amazing track called 'Swede Harmony'. The release features, except the stunning original mix, a dub mix as well which brings up the harmonic melody in this anthem even further. If you like the track, go buy it at Beatport.

Sleepwalker by Chris Lake and Mau5trap

Mondays surprise - Today Chris Lake released his new electro-beat-banger Sleepwalker through Deadmau5s own record label Mau5trap. This track is a real dancefloor banger, you won't find any fantastic sounds together with a smooth melody. Instead you'll find a real disco-banger that's bouncing it's way through your brain. Support Chris Lake at Beatport.

Preview: Girl [Spinnin' Records]

Spinnin' Records delivers a remix package of Yves Larock & Tony Sylla's track 'Girl' feat. Tara McDonald. The package includes at least two remixes from Mark Simmons and Ian Carey. The package will be released on December 7th.

Think about it?

Axwell has worked a new song, this time together with the indie-pop singer from Britain named Richard Archer. The song is played on Axwells live sets but we have no clue about the release date. The title on the song is also still unknown but never mind, listen to it, it's great! Support Axwell at Beatport.

John Dahlbäck - Kairo

John Dahlbäck continues to produce nation inspired music. In this song he gives us an experience from the heart of Egypt, Kairo. If you're looking for a banger you wont be satisfied with this song. This is a more relaxed tune, but it's actually good. The song will be released through Mutants Records the 17th of November 2010. Support John Dahlbäck at Beatport.

söndag 14 november 2010

Chasing Areena

Eddie Thoneick is reaching out again with his generous and creative style. The same as usual. On this mix he used Chase The Sun together with the recently released Areena. It's a good mix but I would prefer the Original. Support Eddie Thoneick at Beatport

David Tort, Thomas Gold, David Gausa ft. Planet Funk - Chasing Areena (Eddie Thoneick Bootleg)

Flashback (Yvan Emerick Dream Mix)

The French DJ/Producer Yvan Emerick has made an extraordinary track out of the acapella of Calvin Harris - Flashback. Just a few days ago I published a track from Paris FZ and Simo T with the vocals from Flashback. Listen through both tracks and tell us what you think.
Download link is available at the commentary field.

Ney [Haiti Groove Recordings]

Ney is influenced with an oriental Turkish flute called 'Ney', and coming in a very progressive, tribal beat style, perfect for the party crowd. Beatport.

DJ Supports:
EDX: "Good stuff love it!"
Gabi Newman: "This track is hot!! Want to include it in my new set for Mxima fm Spain next week, please send 'em over!"
Agent Greg: "Like all 3 remixes very good job!!!"
Andy Warburton (Hed Kandi): "Some nice deep house bar grooves you have there... good stuff!"

Preview: Laidback Luke & Hatiras - Let's Go

Interesting preview of Laidback Luke & Hatiras - Let's Go. Stay tuned for a release date.

Keep Us Together [Toolroom Records]

Presenting the renowned Mark Knight label Toolroom Records is a commercialized track called 'Keep Us Together' made by D. Ramirez in a collaboration with Mara and the vocalist Steve Edwards that was released today on iTunes. Great vocals mixed with a fresh commercial melody making this a track worth getting used to. Go grab your copy on iTunes.

Replica [Wall Recordings]

Preview of a huge track from Afrojack. Played by Pete Tong this weekend on his weekly Essential Selection. Will be released on December 7th through Afrojack's own label Wall Recordings.

Walkin' On The Moon [New State]

Great release from Kris Menace through New State Music. Kris Menace feat. Emil - Walkin' On the Moon is a sparkling slice of soulful electro pop, that sounds like it was born in the 80's but it's definitely the sound of now. Beatport

fredag 12 november 2010

Marsch Marsch In The Silence (Simon D Bootleg)

You know the great track 'Marsch Marsch' by Thomas Gold? The french DJ Simon D have made a great bootleg with the vocals from 'Delirium - In The Silence'. Thomas Gold himself has played this bootleg at his latest gig in France.

Miss You + Alex di Stefano Remix [BINARY404]

Max Freegrant released this progressive house track called Miss You, the EP includes a remix from Alex di Stefano. This is not my cup of tea but some of you readers might like it. Support Max Freegrant by purchasing the tracks at Beatport.

torsdag 11 november 2010

Agora Feelings Bootleg

The awaited edit of AGORa with vocals from Junior Jack 'My feelings for you' is here. Both bootlegs are supported by Swedish House Mafia, AN21, Max Vangeli and Kim Fai.

Black Magic

The german guy Moguai gives us a amazing remix of The Green Children - Black Magic. It's released thorugh Spinside Records. Support it at iTunes.
The Green Children - Black Magic (Moguai Remix)

onsdag 10 november 2010

Pendulum - The Island (Alaa Remix)

Just a few weeks ago Alaa released a great track 'Forever in your heart' with a Axwell/Daddy's Groove sound. Now he's back with a great mashup of Pendulum - The Island.

Dig It All vs. Pressure

While we wait for Gregori Klosman's 'MUTFAKTA' he have decided to share a mashup of JoeySuki, Hardwell & Stephan Luke - Dig it All. A great mashup from Gregori Klosman. Support him at Beatport.

Free + Party People

Michael Feiner & Eric Amarillo recently released their EP Free / Party People through Starbuster Music. This two track EP includes 'Free', a saxophone track and 'Party People', a piano track. Support the guys at Beatport.

Thomas Gold - AGORa

Tomas Gold has been involved in many great released this year and so has Size Records. Today Thomas Gold released AGORa worldwide through Size Records. Prepare yourself for a sweet banger and support Thomas at Beatport

tisdag 9 november 2010

Black Flashbacks

The two Canadian guys Paris FZ & Simo T is in the zone. Just a week ago they released the massive track I Ain't Stoppin'. Now they are back, this time they have done a great mashup with their own track Black Diamond. They have added some great vocals from Calvin Harris - Flashback. Support the guys at Beatport!

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