måndag 25 april 2011

Don't Be Afraid - Preview

Hey folks, just wanted to share the preview of Don't Be Afraid by MYNC, Ron Carroll and Dan Castro. The track has been repeated back and forth on Pete Tongs Radio 1 the latest month, check it out!

We also felt that you all should check out a track from Avicii called ID or Levels, a perfect sweet tune during the easter.

söndag 24 april 2011


Hola peeps, long time no see. Well, here's two huge bangers I think you all should take a look at. At first, Encoded by Hardwell. I'm usually not a Hardwell fan but this time he made a really good track. Check it out!

Hardwell - Encoded (Original Mix)

Sick, sick track by Arias & Arno Coast featuring Michael Feiner. The preview was released back in 2009 and now it's finally here. Give it up for The Days To Come.

Arias & Arno Cost ft. Michael Feiner - The Days To Come (Original Mix)

Peace out

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