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We sat down with Adam and Alex, Bleepbeats and managed to get an interview. In this young duo we've found some great talent and looking forward to see them on the Swedish house scene in the future.

We're just two simple guys from Eskilstuna in Sweden with a burning interest in electronic music. We're 19 years old and loves everything from Dirty Dutch to melodic progressive house music.

How did it all start?
Adam: It was in my earlier years, around 15 i guess. When I opened my eyes to electronic music. A big part of that were played by Prodigy, who helped to lead my eyes onto the road. And when I got older, electronic music exploded around the world, that's when I realized that I wanted to create my own music.
Alex: Actually, it was Adam who lighted the spark in me and made me understand the beauty of house and electronic music. I've always had a wide taste of music but there was something special with these genres.

What's up with your own production?
Right now it's just Adam who's producing his own music, but in the recent past we've understood that we're working well as a team and we want to reach the same levels. So eventually we're going to produce music together.

What kind of programs do you use?
When we're creating mixtapes, we're using Mixmeister Fusion and doing some sampling in Reason 5. And when Adam creates his own music he's using Reason5/Fruity Loops Studio 9. But it's time to take it to the next level and start using more advanced programs such as Logic or Abletron.

Except your own production, what do you thing about the future?
In the future, we're putting a lot of energy in the more local industry. Try to play some gigs around in Eskilstuna. But besides the live performances we're working on a new mixtape that we put a lot of trust in.

What about gigs, have you played at any events or such as private parties?
We're still in birth progress, so the answer is no. I mean, we've been playing  at some private parties and that stuff, but nothing big...yet. It's our guilty to provide the parties with the latest and most fresh house music. And we're really looking forward to the upcoming year after all the good credits we've received recently.

Where do you find yourself in 1,5 to 10 years?
In the close future we're hopefully around on the local clubs and spinning some decks. But we're also all around in Sweden. Within five years from now, we've managed to take the cooperation to another level and being picked up by a record label. Within ten years we're spreading our own music around the globe, that would be a dream coming true to us.

From one thing to another, what do you thing about the Swedish house scene and the global?
There are a lot of Swedish names that has given us inspiration, for an example: Avicii, the trio of SHM and Dada Life, just to name a few. The Swedish house scene itself is just a child, but we see a lot of potential to be a large house nation. Avicii recently played in Lund and Axwell at München Bryggeriet, which is steps in the right direction.
The global scene is growing all the time; house from now on is as big as pop & rock. We can see that the world is tired of the old guitar and the adapter, and want some Bleepbeats instead(haha). But we're keeping our fingers crossed that the global house scene will continue to grow, so that people around the world can keep their house-swagger.

Now some quick questions:
Favorite song at the moment?
Adam: Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello (Bassjackers Remix) is still on fire.
Alex: Dada Life - Unleash the Fucking Data. It really blows my mind.

Favorite DJ?
Adam: Deadmau5 - He's a guy that always have released great tracks and his mixture of sounds is suitable for everybody. You don't even need to like house music to love that mouse.
Alex: Wolfgang Gartner - The way he delivers crazy and unique sounds time after time will always keep a shiny smile on my face.

Best DJ at the moment?
We both have to answer Dada Life on this one, to play as a warm up DJ before Tiesto is huge, especially for them because they haven't been around for that long.

Sensation or WMC?
Adam: Sensation is one of the thing on my "to do list", it's just so crazy.
Alex: WMC without a doubt.

If you had to choose between being Steve Angello or Deadmau5 for a year, who would you choose?
Adam: Steve Angello, his live sets is amazing and I like his hairstyle - I would love being Steve.
Alex: Deadmau5, who doesn't want to be a mouse... a dead mouse?

Last question and probably the most important.
HouseNu or Facebook?
HouseNu without a doubt, constantly delivers the latest and the best house to their readers.

We're thank Adam and Alex for a great interview. We'll be seeing you around and send our best regards to the young and talented boys. Keep up the good work. 

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